Histograms to View Oodles of Doodles from Google

I was honored to be asked to talk at Uber’s Visualization Nights in Seattle, August 31st, 2017. Here’s the Meetup Link.

As you can guess by the amazingly clever title, it was a very serious topic. I used my recent How Long Does it Take to (Quick) Draw a Dog? visualization to talk about histograms and other fun aggregate views of data.


I used keynote to make the slides, and included a few animations / videos. Unfortunately, these don’t transfer well to the internet. But here’s a speaker deck to give you most of the content of the talk.

Here is a list of references I used during the talk. Thanks to all the prior work and tools listed!

Quick Draw Game

Quick Draw Data

Deborah Schmidt: Letter Collages

Forma Fluens

Quartz: How do you draw a circle?

Yannick Assogba: PCA Quick Draw Exploration

Histogram Examples

Flowing Data: How Histograms Work

Flowing Data: How to Read Histograms

FiveThirtyEight: Bob Ross Bar Chart

NYT Upshot: Chipotle Calories

Karl Pearson

NYT Upshot: Runners Time

The Pudding: Song Lyric Repetitiveness

NYT: Summers Getting Hotter


Via Velox

LA Times: Disneyland Wait Times

The Pudding: Free Willy by the Numbers

Amelia McNamara: What’s so Hard About Histograms

Dark Horse Analytics: Visualizing Distributions

James Cheshire: Population Joyplot


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