A showcase of some of my recent data visualization work can be found in the Visualization Section of this website.


System that completely automates the execution and control of the CASAVA genomic aligment software from Illumina.


New Mac App that combines face tracking technology and real-time video manipulation techniques. The result is FaceTripper: Fun effects that follow your face!


Network monitoring with style. Won first place in Perceptive sponsored application development competition. Client written in Ruby on Rails with graphing capabilities from open flash charts.


Tool to find interesting relationships between cancers and genes. Hand-curated database. Interface in Rails with visualization of gene networks created using flare.


Alerts for long running bash terminal commands. A fun but useful tool that will email you automatically when a long running script or command has completed. Can also notify user through Growl or Twitter


Academic research tool for discovering cultural differences through language. Used at Kansas University to share between students in Costa Rica and America. Written in Rails.

Mind's Eye

The start of a face recognition project. Comes in two parts: Mind's Eye - the UI for capturing test data. Implemented in Rails. And Mind's Eye Forest - the detection algorithm written in Ruby and R.

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