About Me

Hello There! I'm a software developer focused on using data visualization, data analysis and data science to solve problems and improve capabilities for reasoning and making decisions with data.

I work at Zymergen as a Senior Data Visualization and Data Science Engineer. I am very fortunate to be able to combine my passions for data visualization, data science, and biology to make visual solutions for biological problems.

Previously, I have worked at Bocoup as part of the Data Visualization team along with Irene Ros, Yannick Assogba and Peter Beshai.

I've also worked for the Nordstrom Data Lab as a Data Visualization Engineer/Data Scientist. And before that, I helped analyze genomic data as a member of the Bioinformatic Group at the very special Stowers Institute.

Find out more about me from the links below, find me on Twitter, or drop me an email any time.

More Info



Apart from my visualizations and tutorials, I've worked on a number of interesting projects, large and small. Here are just a few of them.


Command line tool for working and analyzing text. Provides much of the power of a package like nltk, but without having to know how to program!

Learn JS Data

A teaching resource for understanding basic data manipulation tools in Javascript. Got data and need to work with it online? LearnJSData can teach you what to do!


System that completely automates the execution and control of the CASAVA genomic aligment software from Illumina.


Built on top of Jekyll, this tool provided a way to centralize and distribute analysis and research done by bioinformaticians.


A tool to facilitate the creation of pipelines for processing and analyzing genomic data. Included pipelines for SNP calling and annotation using GATK


Network monitoring with style. Won first place in Perceptive sponsored application development competition. Client written in Ruby on Rails with graphing capabilities from open flash charts.


Alerts for long running bash terminal commands. A fun but useful tool that will email you automatically when a long running script or command has completed. Can also notify user through Growl or Twitter


Academic research tool for discovering cultural differences through language. Used at Kansas University to share between students in Costa Rica and America. Written in Rails.

Mind's Eye

The start of a face recognition project. Comes in two parts: Mind's Eye - the UI for capturing test data. Implemented in Rails. And Mind's Eye Forest - the detection algorithm written in Ruby and R.