About Me

Hello There! I'm a software developer focused on using data visualization, data analysis, and data science. I love to elucidate data and use it to provide insight and solve problems.

I currently work at Netflix where I build internal tools to enable decision making.

Previously, I have worked at Capital Group, Zymergen as a Staff Data Visualization and Data Science Engineer, and before that, at Bocoup as part of the Data Visualization team along with Irene Ros, Yannick Assogba and Peter Beshai.

I've also worked for the Nordstrom Data Lab as a Data Visualization Engineer/Data Scientist. And before that, I helped analyze genomic data as a member of the Bioinformatic Group at the very special Stowers Institute.

Find out more about me from the links below, find me on Twitter, or drop me an email any time.

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