What is Data Visualization?

In 2016 I got the opportunity to speak in front of a small group of highschoolers who were part of the Girls Who Code group at Ingraham High School. Though we were interrupted by a power outage, I did my best to talk through my (always expanding) ideas about the point and power of data visualization.

Thanks very much to Erin Shellman for the invite!



Here are a bunch of links of things referenced in my talk. Thanks to all those who make great visualizations that I can show off!

Data visualization intersection

Visual encoding accuracy

Visualization memorability paper

Connected scatter plot paper

Scott Murray talks

Wind map

NYT - where we came from


NYT - connecting the dots

Clubs that connect the world

How much is a limb worth

Visualizing Shakespeare

NYT - gun sales soar

Bloomberg - tracking pace of social change

NYT - jet debris

Americas prolific Wallpunchers

Dear Data

Fox best pie chart ever

Fox bar chart

Visualizing algorithms

Visualizing machine learning

Bloomberg hottest year

Gun deaths

RAW by Design Density









Quartz guide to bad data

Learn JS data

Storytelling with data

The right chart for your data

Everything is a remix video

Everything is a remix visual

Flowing Data

Lynn Cherny pintrests

Women in Data Vis

NYT chart iterations

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